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Export from Japan

Used Tires & Casings

GOOD QUALITY JAPANESE USED TIRES. We supply not any kind of used tyres, we supply GOOD QUALITY used tyres. Customer satisfaction is our goal and if you are looking high quality used passenger car tyres, KCC International Ltd in Japan can supply you 40ft container load every month. Over 8 years we have been exporting high quality Used Japanese tires worldwide ( PCR, LT, TBR ). 50% tread, and 70% tread PC tires. Truck tires from 3mm to 15mm grades.

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Used Cars & Forklifts

KCC International ( KCC Autos Japan ) is member of the largest auto auction venue in Japan. We can find any vehicle that fits your budget. Used Cars, Trucks, Forklifts etc. We are a member of the largest used car association in Japan and we are able to supply you with high quality used cars by ro-ro, 20 or 40 foot container orders. We can purchase vehicles at auction venues according to our buyers request.

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Used Bikes & Vitage Bikes

We sell and import USED Bicycles from USA to various parts of the world at very reasonable prices. All bikes are in good condition, cleaned and carefully packed. We accept orders from 2 bikes base. Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki models...etc.

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We supply high quality plastic materials to companies worldwide. Virgin or Recycled Polypropylene ( Granules) at high quality. PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS at reasonable prices can be shipped per bag/ton/ or as per customer request.

We supply different grades of Virgin and Recycled PP granules (Injection, Film, Fiber, Yarn, Pipe, etc) . Colors can vary also ( white, natural, red, etc )

HDPE is ideal for manufacturing a variety of plastic product. It’s stronger than standard polyethylene, acts as an effective barrier against moisture, resists insects, rot and other chemicals and is easily recyclable. Recycled HDPE creates no harmful emissions or toxic leaks during its production or during its use by the consumer.

Order today or send us your inquiries and we will promptly reply.

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WEB Design (Bilingual)


Get a PC website at a reasonable cost. Depending on the type of content we can build a site that fits your taste. Bring or send us your images, text and phrases you want to be included on the site and your site will be up and running in 10 days. Smartphone sites can be added, and website can be English only, Japanese only or bilingual.

¥60,000(plus TAX)~


Need a professional looking logo for your business, school, organization, group, or a personal logo for yourself or your events? We can design one for you from scratch. Or send us a rough sketch and inform us of the basic design and colors you need and a professionally made logo will designed for you.

¥20,000(plus TAX)~


We can help your business, school or personal events grow and expand by helping you with the most effective tools in Social media networking. We can help you set up professional pages on Facebook, setting up effective twitter and Google plus accounts, Open up your Youtube channels and help you advertise your services and talents on soundcloud, instargram etc.

¥30,000(plus TAX)~


Video clips are is the key to future commercial advertisment. With the popularity of Social Media outlets we can create advert videos, and promotional movie clips using the latest technology in video editing and video authoring. Your promotional videos can be the strongest tools to advertise on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Websites etc. Send us your ideas, images, video clips, texts etc by email or CD-ROM and we can get started!

Short video cips(1 to 2 minutes)¥20,000(plus TAX)~
Long video clips(5 to 10 minutes)¥45,000(plus TAX)~

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Email us your inquiries to contact@kcc2000.com or use the form below.

DTP Design / Flyers & Business cards design

We design flyers, posters, pamphlets, postcards, tickets and business cards to fit all types of occasion. You can order designs only OR you can order your design with printing. Printing is done by a separate printing company after we finished designing and you have confirmed the final design.

How To Order flyers designs

Step 1

Bring in your data or mail us the data necessary to design your flyer ( Example pictures, logos etc ) , Explain your desired design to us at our meeting or on the phone and we will send you an invoice based on your expected design. After your confirmation of the invoice, we complete the design of the flyer (in about 7 days ).

Step 2

We will send you a jpeg copy of the completed design for your checking and correction. After your final check we will either send you the data (Photoshop or Illustrator data) by post in a CD Rom (Pay on delivery). If you need printing done also, we will forwarded the data to the printing company and the specified amount of flyers will be sent to you by post. Please note that when ordering design AND printing, postage cost have to be paid in advance.